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These forms are also available through the Offices of the Educational Labor Relations Board.

  • Unfair Labor Practice Form - Charges alleging that the conduct of an employer and/or a union constitute conduct proscribed by the Act and can be filed by educational employers, unions, or employees alleging conduct which occurred within six months.
  • Petitions for Representation Form - Filed by an employee, a group of employees, or an employee organization; or an employer alleging that one or more labor organizations have presented a claim to be recognized as an exclusive bargaining representative of a majority of the employees in an appropriate unit or that it doubts the majority status of an exclusive representative. Please Note: This form uses legal size paper.
  • Withdrawal Request Form - Generic form for requesting withdrawal of a charge. May only be used by the party filing the charge or their designated representative.
  • Status of Negotiations Notice Form - Parties engaged in collective bargaining for a collective bargaining agreement, must notify the Board of the status of their negotiations. Please Note: This form uses legal size paper.
  • Notice of Intent to Strike Form - Labor Unions are required to file a Notice of Intent to Strike with the IELRB and meet other requirements before they may legally institute a strike.
  • Mediation Request Form - To be used to request a panel of mediators from the IELRB.
  • Stipulation to Defer Selection of a Mediator - Stipulation to defer selection of a mediator (FROM ANY SOURCE*) - *Privately selected individuals or organizations such as the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service or the American Arbitration Association.